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Whistleblowing policy at Hydroware

Why a whistleblowing policy?

With this whistleblower policy, we set out procedures and safeguards in situations where serious misconduct within our organization is reported and there is a public interest in this being made public. The policy has been developed with consideration of the Directive from EU and the Swedish law, “Lag (2021:890) om skydd för personer som rapporterar om missförhållanden”.

Our starting point

We cherish a corporate culture characterized by openness and dialogue. When problems arise, we hope for conversations, preferably at an early stage. Even if there is no misconduct of such a nature as to cause an alarm in accordance with this policy, we always encourage an open conversation directly with your manager or the CEO.

Who can blow the whistle?

A person who in a work-related context has learned of or obtained information regarding misconduct has the right to report this. This can be for an example: Employees, volunteers, interns, shareholders, consultants and suppliers.

Ways to blow the whistle.

At Hydroware there are the opportunity to blow the whistle both verbally and in writing by:

  • Send an email to: hr@hydroware.se
  • By mail to: Hydroware, att. Annie Alm, Box 66, 34221 Alvesta, Sweden
  • By calling HR, Annie Alm: +46 472 45 177


As soon as somebody blow the whistle, the whistleblower must receive a confirmation that the whistleblowing has been received. Immediately after, there will be an orderly investigation/analysis of the information received.

To the extent that it can be considered appropriate, we regularly give feedback to the whistleblower about how the case is handled.


Do you have questions about whistleblowing and our policy? Please contact Annie Alm at HR to get your answers.